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With us all segments of Hotel Entertainment – Animation are covered:

The smallest guests are the most important. Remy Kids World
Remy Kids World
“The youngest guests are the most precious”
With our certified members & exclusive programs created by Remarc Sunseafun Group, your children can become pirates, clowns, chefs, artists, stars or heroes!
We are here for you! Events and Public Relations
Events & Public Relations
"We are here for you!"
Our members are in constant contact with hotel clients and they regularly provide new information regarding each schedule or various programs. Do you have special wish? We are organizing Private Fitness Classes. Birthday Parties or Baby Sitting are our specialties!
Some of the best memories are made in flip flops
Teen Age Entertainment
”Some of the best memories are made in flip flops!”
Our certified members are supervising and interacting with teens and juniors from 10-18 years old with various Sports & Fitness activities, Games, Beach, Pyjama or Pool Parties, Talent Shows, All day events & much more.
We never tried to be the loudest or craziest but the most entertaining
Adult Entertainment
”We never tried to be the loudest or craziest but the most entertaining”
We provide all kind of sport activities & games, fitness program of ”Remarc Fit Academy”, large variety of daily and evening Entertainment & Shows.
Become one of the Best Hotel Entertainer/Animateur & Start the adventure of your lifetime!
Remarc Shows
”Professional way to entertain!”
If you are looking for variety of professional external shows with endless possibilities and a personal touch to your evening entertainment, you come to the right place! Remarc Shows offers a rich repertoire of diverse shows from Mongolian Contortion over to lovely Tenor Trio - Tribute to Il Divo & lands on Latin Rythms with Soy De Cuba!

Book the best evening entertainment in Greece.

What is Entertainment / Animation?

Hotel Entertainment is an important hotel segment in Family & Adults-Only Hotel Resorts. Daytime & Evening Entertainment programs, custom-made by Remarc Sunseafun ensure 100% satisfaction not only by hotel management side but also hotel clients. . 

There are 3 principal pillars of Daytime Hotel Entertainment / Animation: Childcare (Remy Kids World), Fitness (Remarc Fit Academy) and Sport & Fun. Depending on size of Entertainment Team – each Hotel Entertainer in highly skilled, educated or certified in at least one of those fields. Each multilingual Entertainer is chosen according to their profile by our experienced HR departments in order to fully meet the Hotel requirements. Every team is managed by an acomplished Entertainment Team Leader who is responsible for all 3 segments, Entertainment Programs & smooth operations of Entertainment Team as a whole.

Evening Entertainment is as important as the Daytime one. Remarc Sunseafun is yearly recruiting more than 300 artists (dancers, singers, acrobats…) from various artistic fields all around the world & creating the best possible Evening Animation Shows.These shows are  supervised by the Head Choreographers responsible for putting together our spectacular productions. Our professional DJ’s / Technicians are allocated  in bigger size Teams to assist with fine tuning the sound & light but also develop the stage settings with the decorators.  Our division of Remarc Animation Shows is an exceptional addition to Hotel Entertainment department.

Who is Remarc Entertainer/ Animator?

Hotel Entertainer / Animator is someone who is skilled, talented or qualified in fields of Fitness, Sport, Childcare or Performing Arts.

Hotel Entertainer is part of Team of Entertainers from all around the world world that work together at the Hotel Resort that fits best his/hers profile. Duties vary depending on the position in the Team and may include activities such as: leading Sport & Fitness activities, PR, working with kids, juniors or teenagers, rehearsing for Evening Animation Shows .

Remarc Hotel Entertainer must speak fluently English. Candidates with English + one language / more languages are apparently in an favorable position. A Hotel Entertainer must be 18+ years old. 

Training of New Hotel Entertainers

New candidates will take a part in our on-line Webinars/In-person Seminars under supervision of our wonderful trainers. With their qualification, experience of over 15 years in the Hospitality sector & style of coaching – New Hotel Entertainers/Animators get the best possible education finished with Diploma from Leisure Activities.

Online Training Exclusive Partner: Marika Haeuser

Global Animation – Entertainment Academy is responsible for offering coprehensive courses for exprerienced and non-experienced animators of hospitality industry, in order for them to gain valuable knowledge and achieve service excellence. GA-EA aims to inspire, guide, and raise awareness to provide Animation-Entertainment professionally, aiming to socialize, connect, educate, experience, and bring enjoyment! Their online training courses are based on over 35 years of experience on recruitment, training, operations, and development of events & projects related to animation-entertainment.

GA-EA focuses on training all animators around:
• What to expect,
• What Animation-Entertainment Service Means and
• How to Successfully Offer this Service to hotel guests

With GA-EA’s support, we are able to properly train our employees, to assure best service possible and unmatched professionalism by our team members.

*Please keep in mind that our company exclusively offers this to its employees for free if you pass and send us your certificate and complete your contract.  If you do not send us your certificate, or break your contract and leave earlier, 53 euros will be deducted from your salary.

GA-EA | Home

Become one of the Best Hotel Entertainer/Animateur & Start the adventure of your lifetime!

Bootcamp & Leadership

Being part of Remarc Family is a privilege – Participation in BOOTCAMPS gives the opportunity to become a better version of yourself and represent us proudly by delivering the ideal Entertainment product as Entertainment Team Leader or Entertainment Assistant. You need an invitation from our HR department in order to participate in this seminar. Candidates must have minimum 2 seasons working with Remarc Sunseafun or prior experience as Team Leader in Hotel Entertainment sector.

With Remarc Sunseafun all With us all segments of Hotel Entertainment – Animation are covered.

Think Positive, Keep Fit & Have Fun!

Find your position with us & Become an Hotel Entertainer/Animator all over Greek Islands!

FITNESS (Remarc Fit Academy)

Position: Fitness Entertainer 

Fitness Hotel Entertainer can be anyone who enjoys & stands out in Fitness and its activities such as Stretching, Aqua Gym, Body & Soul Relaxation, Dancing & more. It is important to learn how to lead certain Fitness activities, how to make a clear system which one should follow (for example: beginning of the Fitness session, upper body workout, lower body workout, closing of the Fitness session) & how to master in correct explanation of every step, move, exercise & similar. Fitness Certifications & Degrees are welcomed, however with those one becomes a Fitness Instructor

Position: Fitness Instructor

Fitness Hotel Instructors are needed in Hotel Resorts where professional level of certain activities is needed. Fitness Instructor must have certification or degree for personal training or group Fitness in required fields of Fitness (such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Tai Chi, Yogalates, Kickboxing & much more)

CHILDCARE (Remy Kids World)

Position: Mini Club Entertainer

As Mini Club Entertainer you simply must enjoy working with children. Every Hotel Resort has its own Mini Club (Remy Kids Club) where Mini Club Entertainers look after all “signed-in” children (before parents leave their child with our Entertainers, there are Mini Club forms in all prefered languages which they must be filled in by responsible/parent, in order to be aware if their for ex.: child can swim, has any allergies & similar) follow Mini Club 7- or 14- days program created by Team Leader or Mini Club Leader. Mini Club Program is consist from topic days (each day is different) such as for ex.: Monday – Pirate’s Day, Tuesday – Greek Day & more, filled with fun activities, games & crafting

Position: Juniors & Teens Entertainer

Hotel Entertainers for Juniors & Teens are responsible for Early Adolescence (Ages 10 to 13) & Middle Adolescence (Ages 14 to 17). Similarly as Mini Club Entertainers they lead Junior Clubs or Teen Club with indoor & outdoor programs

Position: Mini Club Leader

Mini Club Leader is someone who has 2-years experience with Remy Kids Clubs as Mini Club Entertainer & has certification or degree in Child care. Mini Club Leader is responsible for other Mini Club Entertainers & smooth operation of Mini Club Programs

Position: Au Pair & Nanny

Au Pair or Nanny positions are not as common as those above. Certification, degree or previous experience is must as well as great level of English or any language which is family of their child asking for


Position: Sport Entertainer

Sport Hotel Entertainer is perfectly fitting position for anyone who loves various kinds of Sports & usually has background in Sport (Football, Volleyball & Basketball most often), Sport certifications or Degrees are welcomed. Sport Hotel Entertainer must be open to new challenges in order to learn new sporting activities such as Beach Volleyball, Water Volleyball, Water Polo, Darts, Boccia, Petanque, Water Boccia, Table Tennis, Tennis, Archery & much more

Position: All Around Hotel Entertainer

All Around Hotel Entertainer (Sport & Fun Position) is the best option for our New Hotel Entertainers or for those who are not sure which segment of Daytime Entertainment they prefer & enjoy the most. With this position Hotel Entertainer/Animator can try any kinds of activities & have the great opportunity to join other Hotel Entertainers in their Team during activities in order to learn & observe how to lead & correctly explain every step or the rules of given activity. Sport & Fun Hotel Entertainers are usually leading activities such as Darts, Boccia, Petanque, Table Tennis & more

Position: Sport Instructor

Sport Instructor position is not as common as the ones above. In some of our partner Hotel Resorts special positions are required, for example: Archery Instructor, Tennis Instructor, Swimming Instructor, Wall Climbing Instructor & more. All positions are very specific therefore Sport Instructor must have certification in field which is needed


Position: Dancer

Hunt for great & experienced Dancers in various styles is constant. Dancer must be flexible in terms of adjusting their talents to diverse styles & various stypes of stages. Dancer must be used to quick learning & rehearsing and performing in hot climate & listening to their Dance Captain, possibly Choreographer

Position: Dance Captain

Dance Captains are more common in smaller Teams where he/she takes over position of Choreographer in the Team (Keep in mind that in each area or island we do have Area Choreographer who is helping other Dance Captains). Dance Captain is provided with official Remarc Sunseafun Animation Shows which should be performed in their Hotel Resort

Position: Choreographer

Choreographer is somebody who is not only teaching his/hers Shows & Remarc Sunseafun Animation Shows but as well leads rehearsals of Evening Animation Shows & makes sure that everything (stagem stage decor, costumes, playlist & more) and everybody is ready prior Showtime. Choreographers are experienced in their field of teaching & coaching. Let’s not forget that Choreographer should be great Dancer too

Position: Singer

Position: Dj

Position: Sound & Light Technician

Remarc Shows

Professional External Shows; Professional way to entertain!

“Remarc Shows offers variety of 30 spectacular shows performed by 150 professional artists!”

We are particulary proud of our Remarc Shows brach, established in 2010 by Remarc Sunseafun Group. Remarc Shows was an immediate success & soon became a highly regarded, self-standing & competitive brand that provides the most splendid professional shows & events performed by briliant artists from all around the globe.

Our long expertise & loyal partnerships with prestigious hotel brands ensure the exceptional quality and versatility of our services.

For full Remarc Shows catalogue visit www.remarcshows.com