Q: What kind insurance do we have?
A: You are covered for injuries in the work place and with basic insurance according to the positive lawin country you are working. In case that you want to have any extra insurance you can obtain it (on your expense) either in the country where you will be working or in your native country.

Q: How often are we getting paid (weekly/monthly)?
A: The monthly payment is always including all working days of that month with the last day (30th/31th). But you are going to be paid, up to the 15 days of the following month for previous month, as stated in the contract.

Q: Is the amount in pre-contract fixed or I could get a higher salary?
A: The amount mentioned in the pre-contract is guaranteed. And this is the amount you are going to have in the working contract. All new animators working first time for the agency as team members are having fixed amount as stated in the pre-contract. The salary is determined upon successfully completing the training course, according to the animator's knowledge and experience (demonstrated in training course) and position in the Team. For experienced candidates, Team Leader Assistants and Team Leader the Agency is offering better financial solutions according to their qualifications.

Q: How many hours a day are we working?
A: You are working approximately eight hours a day, six days a week. But you should keep in mind that (on working days) animation job is the kind of job that is occupying you whole day, since the daily routine is split throughout whole day you work couple of hours in morning, couple hours in afternoon and then couple of hours in the evening). First 3-4 of weeks you must be ready to work a bit more since your rehearsal will demand approximately 2 hours daily until the program is finally set and put on the stage. But could be also some days during low season that you will work less than 8 hours.

Q: Do I need to have a bank account?
A: Yes, you will have to open local bank account since your salary will be transferred to it on the monthly bases. Procedure for opening your new, non-resident, banc account is very simple and you will need only your passport.

Q: In which currency am I getting paid?
A: You are getting paid in local currency of the country that you are working in, for the equally converted amount as in your contract in Euros.

Q: Do I pay air-tickets myself or the company provides it?
A: You have to pay your ticket to arrive to the training / or work destination. As well if you join the company after season already started (and you have skipped the training course), you will pay your own transport expenses. Nevertheless, travel is refunded by Agency at the end of successfully accomplished contract. According to the contract total travel expenses as refund up to amount of 200 Euros for both ways.

Q: Do I need to be 18 years old to apply for a position?
A: Yes, in order to apply for a position, the basic requirement is to be 18.

Q: What if I decide to quit in the middle of the contractual period?
A: Generally, from both side within first 3 weeks (period at the training is included), there is a legal possibility to terminate contract without any consequences for other side. It is generally considered as trial period. After this period you will suffer the penalty in the amount of one monthly salary, money keep in trust and transportation compensation, whether you resign or get rejected from the Management.

Q: Is the accommodation during the 6 months in the Hotel where we work?
A: Hotel or Resort always provides the accommodation (room and board) within the actual Hotel, or nearby Hotel facilities.

Q: Do we get some salary paid during the training course?
A: No.

Q: In which Hotel/Resort, Island, am I going to be located?
A: After successfully finishing the training course, animators will be placed according to their skills and needs of the Hotels. You can't choose in what hotel you are going to be placed and with what persons you are going to work. Placement of teams is made strictly on the professional basis, according to your professional profile presented in your CV and shown during a training period.

Q: Can non-EU citizen apply for work in your company?
A: Of course, everyone is welcome to apply. But there are limited job possibilities for non-EU citizens. But the Agency is not able to assist to all candidates in providing a visa or work permit. In case you are non-EU citizen and you have work or resident permit, and your CV and skills match with employee needs, there is a very good chance to obtain position in one of the Hotels.

Q: What do I need to pack with me?
A: You need general summer cloths. As well pair of trainers, pair of dancing (comfortable, preferably black) shoes, black pants, one white shirt, and summer sports wears, swim wear and a smile. You will need at least one set of evening outfit, for evening PR, etc. You do not need to pack linen and towels.

Q: Can I be placed together with my friend?
A: Please, note that we need the CV and Picture of each candidate, in order to process the applications. But in case both of you are selected, the Agency cannot guarantee that you will be placed together in the same Hotel, or Island. The vacancies and profile of each animator determine the position of our employee, but the Agency is always looking for best solution possible.

Q: Is training course free of charge?
A: Yes. You only have to get there. Everything else is free of charge (food, drinks, accommodation and transport to the working destination).

Q: I read on your homepage that you only take in 120 entertainers for the free training course. If I sign the pre-contract, will i be a part of that, or is it too late?
A: The training course starts in April. By signing the pre-contract you reserve yourself a place in it, so it is not too late. In the case you sign the contract during a season (training would be over) you will be placed directly in the Hotel where you are going to work. In this case, team leader and your team colleagues will gradually teach you your daily duties and tasks, therefore the first week you spend in the Hotel will be considered as your training period.

Q: What is percentage that I will pass (not pass) training course and get employed?
A: We usually employ most of our trainees. Reason for not being employed could be that you have either not given correct data in your CV (languages, skills), or that you are not outgoing and punctual person. Also, if you would use any illegal drugs or excessive alcohols you will surely be rejected.

Q: Do I have a chance to build up my career in your company?
A: Yes we are welcome creative dynamic and innovative people willing to work long term with the company. Yes, you have option to build career in Hospitality Industry, in Sport Animation and Entertainment with our Company.