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Sports, Animation & Entertainment for the Hotels:

With an experience of more than twenty years and with an average of 300 animators per year, performing in 70 Hotels throughout Greece and Cyprus, our Agency is one of the Most Reliable Entertainment Company in South Mediterranean.

We are constantly improving modern entertainment services through our Experience and the exact needs of our clients. Each assistant is qualified in either entertainment, sport coaching, animation for adults, young adults or children and placed in over 70 Hotels currently enjoying our unique programs.

To assure exemplary quality of service by our representatives, they are trained at our Entertainment - Animation course by qualified lectures in the field of inter-personal skills, psychology, drama, acting, dancing, sports and much more. Each year 160 scholars pass thought the school highly equipped and talented to be of service to the Hotels, offering fun and enjoyment to the hotel guests.

We would be delighted upon your request to forward our client's testimonials of the cost effective and commendable services provided by ourselves.

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