Our Professional Commitment

We are committed to provide our affiliated Hotels with:

  • teams of professional Agency Remarc members with high quality programs, modified in accordance to each particular hotel
  • memorable holiday to hotel guests with lots of fun and new friendship to make
  • good image of the hotel and higher profits achieved by increased sales by Entertainment performances in the outlets such as Pool Bars, Beach Bars, Taverns, Banquets, etc.

We are committed to provide our Animators and Entertainers with:

  • attractive work destinations
  • enjoyable time while working in this interesting profession
  • new friends and financial satisfaction adequate to the experience and the position in the team.

Why Agency Remarc Group exists?

Agency Remarc was founded with one specific aim in the mind: to help Mediterranean Hotels increase both their profits and value of the services throughout effective Hotel Consulting and Animation Management Team with enhancement of their corporate image and services